Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Night In Downtown Chatfield.
by Pastor Debra Jene Collum

It was glorious to be downtown on Halloween night, seeing the children dressed in their costumes. There were princesses, super heroes, warriors, washing machines, fairies, witches, aliens, screams, and even an outhouse.
There was a lot of energy downtown.  A lot of fun. A lot of laughter. A lot of community.
A lot of imagination.

Then there was a group of people who really had the power on Halloween night in downtown Chatfield. Youth and adults from Chatfield United Methodist Church and their friends; Tyler, Holly, Andy, Sarah, Madison, Jeanne, Brianna, Sarah, BrookLynn and me, we were the ones who stopped traffic. We were the ones who helped all those wonderful children and their parents cross HWY 52.

When I agreed to help out by being crossing guards I didn’t realize how much we were needed. I figured we would stand on street corners and once in a while stop a few cars while children and parents crossed the street.
But no! We were stopping cars constantly. And people were crossing the street pretty regularly. The busiest place was in front of Shari’s, the bowling alley. We had 3-4 crossing guards working there the entire evening.

The scariest part was when the semis came through. No one was going very slowly, trucks, RV’s minivans, cars, and semis they all drove as if they were on a highway in the country. Not on a Highway going through a town. Seemingly oblivious to the crowds of children in costumes waiting to cross the street 

Until, one of us strode into the traffic with our snazzy orange and yellow florescent vests and put up our hands. STOP! Cars, trucks, and even semis came to a stop while costumed children and their parents safely crossed HWY 52.

Whoa, that is power. Not only to stop a vehicle, but to give someone safe passage.

The young people were impressed with the thanks they received from the community. They were just doing what I had asked them to do. It wasn’t until later that they realized, this was important.

That is how it is with important things, truly important things. We often don’t know their importance until it is pointed out.

That is why we keep doing the little things, the things we are asked to do. They might just turn out to be really, really important.

Thanks everyone for making downtown Chatfield a safer place on Halloween night.

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